A Call to Disciple Our Kids (Freeman Field)

Questions to ask yourself

What am I aiming for as I parent my children? What are my hopes for them?

As I think back to the last day or week of parenting, what have I wanted my children to do more than I have wanted them to follow Christ?

Where do I find my value? Am I seeking to find value, approval or success from my kids? What is true in Christ that I can hold to?

Questions to ask with your spouse or co-parent

What do we value as a couple? How do we see those things as they line up with Christ and pointing our kids to him?

Where are we tempted to point them toward other things? (Ourselves, success, approval) How can we realign our parenting in those moments?

Questions to ask in community

How did you parents disciple you, whether toward Christ or toward other things?

Who are you discipling now? What has been your experience of balancing responsibility with trust? Has it been a struggle not to find value in the results of discipleship?

A Faith of their Own (Evita Gahagan)

Unfortunately, we were unable to record the last two topics. We will post the notes for these last two sessions soon.

Questions to ask yourself

Apologetics: Do I have the resources I need to find answers? What is one book or podcast I want to learn from in the next month?

Sex: Do I have a disconnect between what I say I believe (the bible’s view of sex) and what I actually think and how I live that out?

Peer approval: Am I aware of whose influence is growing in my child’s life? How can I support their missional friendships and their edifying friendships?

God at work in my daily life: Returning to my first love – is this happening daily?

Questions to ask with your spouse

Integrity – how are we doing?

How are we going to demystify sex for our children and be safe places for them to bring their questions/thoughts?

Are we on the same page with supporting their friendships?

Are we regularly praying for our children together?

Questions to ask in community

Who can I arrange to spend time with my children? (“Aunts/Uncles” in roles of support)

Who can I invite into my life to provide accountability for my own walk with God?

Developmental Stages – A Discipleship Journey (Candace Field)

What resources can we look to as we teach our kids? What was helpful to you? What was helpful to your co-parent or spouse? What was helpful to others in your community?